Hermit Crab Care – New Shells

Posted August 29, 2007 by Caleb Schalk
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Hermit Crab Care

In your days of hermit crab care you will need Hermit Crab Shells  for your pet, probably sooner rather than later. it may come after a molt or just a diva who feels the urge to change “clothes” daily.

When shopping shells, there are a few things to consider. Your crab will be very picky and since shells can be very expensive you should too. When choosing shells you need to consider a few things:

Size – try to find shells a little larger than the old one, but not too big.

Condition – clean, without chips, cracks or rough edges.

Type – most crabs try to go with the same type of shell as their old one and will often choose it over a new style.

Right or left tailed – look at your crabs shell. it will twist either to the left or right. Your crab’s tail twists the same way as shell it carries, and therefore needs new shells with the same twist.

Looks – your crab’s taste in shells may be very different from yours. The crab is probably thinking comfort, camo, and protection, not beauty. A note of caution here about painted shells. Crabs are scavengers and omnivores (they eat everything). Unfortunately, this means they will also pick the paint off the shells and eat it. Even if it says non-toxic, the paint has no nutritional value and takes up space in a very small stomach. Many of the natural shells can be just as pretty.

Enjoy your crabby day J


Hermit Crab Races

Posted August 24, 2007 by Caleb Schalk
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Okay, I’ve been keeping Hermit crabs since I was a kid. I know some stuff about hermit crab care, but I didn’t know just how many people were into hermit crab races.

I’ve been seeing articles from all over about these races. They are going on at the Hammock Beach Resort in Florida, The Purple Ape Surf Shop in Rhode Island, and even Club 111 in Illinois. Who would’ve thought it.

I don’t personally race my crabs but I thought it was interesting.

In our cage, “Jaiba” kicks shell. He leaves all his cage mates in the sand.

Watch this video to see what it is all about. Cruelty? Michael Vic? You decide and let me know.

This was taken from a YouTube video posted by juliagulia4. It is titled “St Maarten Hermit Crab Race”.

Hermit Crab Care – Temperature and Humidity

Posted August 22, 2007 by Caleb Schalk
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Depending on your climate, humidity and temperature might be a concern for your hermit crab care. For example, living in Florida on the Keys, it is warm and humid year round. But maybe you live in Wisconsin…too cold for crabs, or Arizona…too dry for them.

The most common land hermit crabs available as pets are the Caribbean Purple Claw (Coenobita Clypeatus for you Latin buffs). It has a large purple claw, hence the name. And the rest of the body ranges deep purple to red. This species is found in Venezuela and the Caribbean Islands.

It is a tropical animal, so it needs warm, humid conditions. Since this might not be the most comfortable climate for you, it would behoove you to adjust the cage climate, not yours.

Hermit crabs are fairly hardy creatures, but as they are cold blooded, their functions will slow down considerably below 75 degrees Fahrenheit. And below 70 degrees Fahrenheit is unsafe. Ideally, the cage should be between 75 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, with a humidity of 70% plus.

This can be monitored with a simple thermometer and humidity gauge (these can be found for under $10.00) or, the two-in-one, also known as a thermo-hygrometer (these can be a little more expensive).

All sorts of things in your home can affect the cage conditions. Being near an A/C vent, a sunny window, or even a high watt light bulb can have an impact on the temperature. Likewise, plants, washing dishes, and a steamy bath or shower can raise humidity.

Be cautious of places in which conditions can be fine during the day, but unsuitable at night, or vice versa.

Come back soon for more hermit crab care tips.

Hermit Crab Care – Water

Posted August 21, 2007 by Caleb Schalk
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I’m interested in the very best hermit crab care for my pets, but get this: I’ve found bottled water for hermit crabs.

They have both fresh and salt depending on your crab.

Hermit crabs need to drink water to stay alive and to molt properly. In the wild this might be from dew, rain, or fresh water streams.

They also breathe through gills under their mouths. These gills must stay wet to be able to take oxygen from the air. They can also take oxygen directly from the air through tiny capillaries under the thin skin of their tails. This also requires moisture so they need to carry some water in their shells.

Since water is so important to my crab, it is important to me. I do use bottled water, but it’s just the water I drink (much cheaper than the crab water). I keep a shallow dish of fresh, clean water always available.

Just a note of caution here. I do not like and do not recommend the sponges. They can’t supply enough water alone, and when in the water dish they provide a place for bacteria to grow.

Whether your getting your first hermie or taking care of an old friend, you’ll need supplies. I found this site called Reptile Supply that will also supply (hence the name) all of your hermit crab care needs. Click here to check out that site!!

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Check back again soon as I will have more information on hermit crab care needs for you!!!